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It's Not That Bad

What kind of challenges are you facing? While I don’t want you to focus on your problems, it may be good for you to write them down. Go ahead. Get a pen and a paper and make a list of the circumstances that concern you today. Then I want you to ask yourself this question, “Which of these problems are impossible for God?” Your answer should be, none of them are impossible for God because “with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

It’s Not That Bad

I understand that leadership can be very lonely. You can feel as if the weight of every problem is upon your shoulders. But whatever you are dealing with right now – whether it is a family issue, a health challenge, a staffing problem, or a budget shortfall – it is not so bad that you should give up. Satan wants you to think it's that bad, but it is not. Whatever you're dealing with will be handled with just a little flick of God's hand. So, stop worrying and complaining, and fretting. Instead, lift your head, walk with confidence and speak boldly in faith.

Put Your Faith to Work

As a Christian leader, you've probably preached or taught on faith, but are you living it? Do you apply the five elements of faith to your problems, or do you go to the Internet or call other leaders looking for solutions? There's nothing wrong with seeking wise, godly counsel, but you should first confirm that you are working the five elements of faith regarding your issues.

  • First, you need to hear what the Word of God says about your circumstance.

  • Second, receive the Word of God on that subject. Please don't act like you already know it all!

  • Third, believe God’s Word.

  • Fourth, speak God’s Word about the issue. Stop talking about the problem. Speak the solution.

  • Fifth, act as if God’s Word is true. If you knew the problems were solved, you wouldn’t worry, would you?

A Faith Leader Who Applied His Faith

I’ve known Reverend Kenneth Copeland for over 46 years. He may be the most prosperous and successful preacher alive today. His broadcasts reach millions. His ministry has seen countless souls saved, bodies healed, and finances restored. Tens of thousands of people attend his meetings, but it wasn’t always that way.

Nearly 50 years ago, he had booked a meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, but he was concerned that no one would attend. He humorously says that in those days, “people were staying away from my meetings by the thousands.”

Instead of complaining or worrying, he applied his faith. He walked around his tiny hotel room and put Romans 10:17 into practice. Romans 10:17 says faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing, so he said, and he said what God's Word says. Five thousand times, he declared that he was anointed to preach and that the people came to hear and be healed. What he said came to pass. His meetings are full, and the power of God is present to save, heal, deliver, and set free. His ministry is blessed with more than enough, and he is a generous giver to many other ministries.

No Time to Be Dignified

So, whatever your problem is, it's not so bad that God's Word doesn't have the solution. Here's how to handle any situation: get God's Word. Believe it. Receive it. Speak it and act like it's so. When you speak it, you can't be timid and mealy-mouthed. You've got to be bold. Declare it as loudly and as forcefully as you can. Don't merely preach and teach faith. Apply it. This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. (1John 5:4) Act like it is so and praise the Lord!

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